Chocoholic of the Month: Chef David Rossi

As part of our 'Notes from Latin America', we are featuring the people who make up the La República family. In this interview, we speak to one of our greatest customers - David Rossi - Pastry Chef Executive at The Ranch Restaurant in Anaheim, California, USA.

“My primary reason for liking this chocolate and using this chocolate is because it’s a single origin chocolate and I like knowing that our purchase of the product goes to support those the artisans, farm workers and craftsman that create the product. The product itself is inspiring to me and seeing the process first hand was even more inspiring to me. República del Cacao cares about how they do their craft and that resonates with me.
República del Cacao, Growers Choice 58% is my workhorse, I apply this latin american chocolate to many different desserts in our restaurant including our number one dessert, Milky Way with a Twist.
I also use República del Cacao's Ecuador 65%. I was fortunate enough to learn about this product first hand when I visited República del Cacao farms and facilities in Ecuador. I learned that the panela used for this particular chocolate gives it it's distinct flavor profile.  We use this for a variety of our desserts and petit fours. When I visited República del Cacao dairy farms and saw how and where the local milk was sourced and processed, in addition to the care and raising of the dairy cows, as well as how the people in the community come together in every part of the process, it truly showed me how these communities care about their land and farming practices - which is important to us at The Ranch."