We make chocolate that tastes good and does good

Let's change the world one cocoa bean at a time. We create alliances with local products to strengthen traceability and promote the preservation of traditional techniques, developing a sustainable production of fine aroma chocolates


Our cacao comes from small plantations in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. We focus on having direct and transparent alliances, enabling intermediary-free relationships. Our suppliers are committed to a code of Responsible and Sustainable Practices that secures safe labor conditions, human rights, anti-corruption and environmentally friendly practices.



We source our milk from a small farming community called Turucucho in the Ecuadorian Andes. Our white chocolate is made using milk that is obtained manually, the milking process is by hand and the cattle are raised by feeding them natural pastures. This project seeks in its various stages, to preserve artisanal processes increase productivity and milk quality as well as guarantee economic stability to our partner community.

Our Milk


Our panela is an unrefined traditional organic sugar, produced in Pacto Ecuador, located in the Chocó Andean Bio-region. The process is developed hand in hand with local sugar farmers. Their artisanal process allows this noble raw material to maintain its nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Our Panela

We are a communication platform that integrates diverse knowledge shared by the different actors of the cocoa value chain and contribute to this exciting world of chocolate.


We have the world’s finest cacao from our home: Latin America. Our sugar is panela an unrefined traditional organic sugar and our milk is produced by small communities of dairy farmers. No wonder our chocolate is so delicious.


Let’s change the world one cacao bean at a time. We create alliances with local producers to strengthen traceability and promote the preservation of artisanal techniques, developing sustainable production of fine aroma chocolates.