República del Cacao presents its fourth annual Sustainability Report COP 2021: United we reactivate!

One of the most notorious characteristics of our company is not only to work for a purpose, but also to work with resilience.  

I began my professional career at República del Cacao one month before the start of the COVID19 pandemic globally. I was able to witness every single action and decision that was taken to assure the health and wellbeing of our clients, collaborators, and strategic allies. Also, we developed projects that allowed us to continue potentiating our purpose through the distance, being present in any possible way so that the positive impact of our company wouldn’t stop.  

And then 2021 came, with new perspectives, projects, and objectives. As humanity, we adapted ourselves to a new lifestyle without stopping, and if 2020 was a year for reflection and resilience, 2021 came with more union and reactivation. 

We began the year with strength through the launch of “B the Pathway”, a project that united various of our ally chefs and other strategic allies in Ecuador and globally, with the objective of getting trained to become B Corps in the future. We developed this event through a semi-digital format, reactivating in the middle of this new reality. In the same way, innovation and development didn’t stop and we launched new products from our professional use line: My Field to Bar in Mexico and the White Chocolate Ecuador 33% with Roasted Corn, both products with unique concepts that kept us on the leading edge of gastronomy.  

We were happy to continue being part of the day to day of our clients and ally chefs around the world through presence with our products on their workshops and events. We were proud to support the Ecuadorian chef, Néstor Toapanta from Universidad San Francisco de Quito on his participation as Ecuador’s representative for the Bocuse d’Or final in France, one of the most prestigious contests in the gastronomy world to which Ecuador classified again after 19 years. 

Also, we continued developing unique fine aroma chocolate experiences through our Chocolate Boutiques. We reopened our store located on Quito’s Historic Center and stablished our first franchise in “La Floresta” neighborhood, both emblematic places of our city that at the same time caused a strong economic reactivation for the market.    

Finally, we closed this year being the official organizers of the Latin America’s 50 Best Ecuador, an event that had to be postponed in 2020, but that came with the same strength in 2021, joining the best of Latin American gastronomy and promoting once again that great feeling of community, union and reactivation.  

To be transparent with our annual projects and actions through this report is not only an obligation we have as a company, but it is also part of our daily compromise and purpose to potentiate the development of sustainable business through information, facts, achieved goals and stories behind every cacao bean that is part of our essence and our chocolates. We are proud to present our fourth consecutive sustainability report COP 2021. We begin 2022 with more projects to achieve, demanding ourselves more every year and strengthening our daily compromise in every one of our actions.  

Read more about our UN GLOBAL COMPACT report 2021on the following LINK. 



  Alejandra Ortega, Sustainable Business and Communication Analyst