República del Cacao in Japan, strengthening alliances with International Markets

We are a local brand with global impact. Fine Aroma Cacao is part of our Latin American Legacy, and we are proud to be promoters of its history throughout communities around the world. With this purpose in mind, a few weeks ago our chocolates were part of a special event at Valrhona Japón, in Tokyo, Japan.

The Ecuadorian Ambassador and his team were part of the event, where they learn about the characteristics of some of our most iconic chocolates. Also, 22 members from Valrhona Japan participated in it.  

The products that were part of this event were our Dark Chocolate Amazonia 75%, our White Chocolate Ecuador 31% and our Milk Chocolate Ecuador 40% Caramelized, with which they created three exquisite desserts. Moreover, our Dark Chocolate Ecuador 56%, our Dark Chocolate Ecuador 56% Fluid and our Cacao Nibs were served to held a chocolate tasting through which the Ambassador and his team were able to appreciate all the characteristics of a product as unique as Fine Aroma Chocolate.  

The objective of this event was to strengthen our relationships with the Ecuadorian Ambassy in Japan, in order to develop the presence of our products and accomplish a greater collaboration between markets. For the attendees, this was an event like no other, through which they could learn more about Ecuador and all the possibilities that come thanks to a local product with global impact.