Pastry Connection 2021, a new digital platform for the development of Gastronomy

Since its beginnings Pastry has established itself as a unique knowledge exchange space between professional chefs and gastronomy lovers, who year after year gathered through this dynamic and innovative congress. However, due to the arrival of the COVID19 pandemic, the world had to look for alternatives in order to stay connected and become digital. Because of this, in 2020 the first version of Pastry Connection was held through online conferences open to the public. It counted with the participation of internationally renowned chefs who shared their knowledge and experiences in a world divided by distance, but that got back together again thanks to the resilience of the pastry industry.  

On this same way, Pastry becomes digital again in 2021, but this time it does it on a web platform that will have content from the best chocolate and pastry chefs available 24/7. República del Cacao, Valrhona and Sosa have come together again for making this event possible, it will take place for 3 weeks, beginning on April 14. Each week, two new segments will be available, which will include:  

  • Masterful Classes 
  • Valrhona Pastry Essentials 
  • The Journeys of Fréderic Beau 
  • Interviews with Gustavo Sáez 

A total of 28 hours of content will be shared, which after the ending of the event will still be available online for all the public. The world has changed and we have adapted to it, by developing new forms of staying connected and strengthening canguard gastronomy through Fine Aroma Chocolate. Get access to all the content from the new Pastry Connection web on the following link.