Official Statement República del Cacao

In these unprecedented times, we’d like to assure you that we are committed to supporting our global community and we are making our best efforts to overcome this situation all together. Our top priority remains the health and safety of all our employees and community.
We’d like to thank our staff and everyone who continues to perform their daily work, collaborating to surpass this health emergency with determination, optimism, and responsibility.
In the light of this global crisis, we’d like to update you on the latest actions underway and ensure you that we keep moving forward with motivation and strength.


1. What is the situation in Ecuador?

Ecuador has declared a national health emergency on March 12, 2020. As such, the Ecuadorian government has implemented various preventative measures and taken immediate action to limit all non-essential movement within the country. Only companies in the food, health, financial and export-oriented value chain can operate with a safety passage. At República del Cacao, we closely monitor government announcements on a weekly basis to stay up to date with the latest guidelines.


2. What decisions has the companyu taken?

We make every effort to continue moving forward with all those who placed their trust in us. As a company, we’ve complied with all government measures to ensure the wellbeing, stability, and health of all our employees, and continue our operations fulfilling the commitment we have with our people and our customers.


3. How is the team doing?

The team is healthy and highly motivated. We’ve been working under very strict health and food safety measures in our factory and in our allied Collection Centers.
All employees who do not directly work in the factory have been offered to work from home, leveraging the latest digital tools and solutions available for optimal remote-work. Furthermore, we regularly share with the entire team the latest guidelines on how to minimize the risk of infection both in the office and at home, and we monitor daily the health and wellbeing of all our employees and their families.


4. Is the chocolate factory still operating?

The chocolate production is still ongoing in the factory for all confirmed orders to support our clients and stimulate the economy.


5. What is the situation in our Vinces Collection Center?

We’ve been working with our entire value chain to ensure that all necessary measures have been taken to provide health and food safety for all. In our Vinces Collection Center, we continue working with our allied farmers under rigorous health and safety practices and procedures, fulfilling our cacao beans purchase commitment and ensuring supply of raw materials to our factory.   


6. What actions have you implemented with your clients?

We’ve been in contact with many entrepreneurs, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, restaurants, and hotels who are coming up with creative ways to keep operating during this global crisis, thereof stimulating our economic sector on which several production chains depend. We have joined this wave of creativity, telling them that we are here to listen.
We have implemented our #SOMOSCOMUNIDAD/#WEARECOMUNITY strategy, leveraging digital channels to connect our clients and allies, with the aim of generating a collaborative, responsible and impactful movement. Today more than ever, through this global campaign, we will look for ways to support them and co-create solutions to keep moving forward and overcome this crisis together.


7. What message do we want to share with our community?

We believe that humanity is our essence. In these unique times, we need to compensate the lack of contact with more positive discussions, more empathy, and more generosity to transmit peace. Now is the time to show the strength of our community and our ability to positively impact one another.
Better times will come, we send you HOPE, HEALTH, and SAFETY.

 República del Cacao

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