Interview with Cyril Prud'homme, Executive Chef and Creative Director of Cyril Boutique

We believe in the talent, creativity, and resilience of our chefs and allies, for this reason we have developed interviews, where we will present various gastronomic projects that will inspire our community.       

On this opportunity, we have created an alliance with the segment “Who is Who”, alongside our communication ally, Juan Carlos Castillo, where every week we will talk about well-known chefs and entrepreneurs, their stories, creations, formation and inspirations. This week we present Cyril Prud'homme, Executive Chef and Creative Director of Cyril Boutique.

Thanks to his conviction, passion and weakness for sweets Cyril has been inmersed in the world of pastry and chocolate since his childhood. Passionate about this beautiful career, he begins his professional formation at the age of 16 at the Superior Cooking French School, located at Ferrandi in Paris. After this experience, he will go looking for more knowledge in some of the biggest and most prestigious establishments. He becomes Chef Chocolatier for the Maison du Chocolat, he also worked as the pastry and chocolate responsible for Fauchon, and was also the Chef Chocolatier for Maison Ladurée, among others. On October 2002, he becomes Executive Chef for the Maison Pillon, located in Toulouse in Southwest France. 

On 2006 he has the opportunity to travel and teach in Ecuador. During his first years in the country, he worked in the Culinary Arts Institute of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), where he had the function of Chocolate and Pastry Chef for the various university’s bakeries. On September 2009 he creates his own webpage: and organizes and exposition for the Alianza Francesa de Quito about sweet gastronomy named “Euphorie Sucrée”.  

On July 2011, Cyril opens the doors of the firstCyril Boutique” in Ecuador, specialized on chocolate, pastry, ice creams, and bakery. Cyril offers a new concept for sweet gastronomy that stands out for its singularity and the various presentations of its collections. Mixing art, design, glamour and fashion, its clients can find high-quality, fresh, more balanced and healthier products made with frech techniques. Its concept is a “game of texturesthat has positioned Cyril Boutique as a reference on Latin America and internationally 

Cyril has also been named asChevalier dans l’Ordre National du Mérite Agricole” (Knight of the National Order for Agricultural Merits), by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agroalimentation of the Republic of France. Morover, he continues working as a professor for the USFQ, and also on other projects like the Ecuador Chocolate Academy that he co-founded, he has been author of various books and is the Executive Chef and Creative Director for Cyril Boutique (  

Learn more about the Chef Cyril Prud'homme, and his unique creations that have developed a new concept for pastry and chocolate in Ecuador and Latin America on the following interview.