How to give a personal touch to your creations by Silvia Guédez

Did you happen to have a bad day, eat a chocolate and forget everything? for Silvia Guédez chocolate can soften event the hardest days.

Obtaining a positive response from a product and recognizing the person behind its production is something representative for most pastry professionals.

Silvia considers innovation as an opportunity to give a personal touch to her creations, it motivates the development of Chefs and opens their minds to a world of possibilities in techniques, flavors, aromas and colors.

She defines herself as a very authentic person and it is exactly what she want to reflect in her creations with pure, genuine and natural flavors.

"I always find inspiration in the creations of those chefs who revolutionized the culinary world, their life inspires me, their visions of the future and their way of being different".

This marshmallow made with juice of oranges and pieces of candied fruit, covered with Amazonian 75% chocolate, is an original of Silvia, who recommends combining our product with citrus flavors and aromatic notes to have an harmony in the final result.