Chocolate and substitutes, how do we identify them?

Not everything that shines is gold, in this case I would say: not everything that says its chocolate really is.
Have you ever tasted a chocolate and the flavor stayed on your mouth all day long? Or, on the contrary, have you ever eaten a chocolate and felt an unpleasant sensation similar to fat?
The big difference is that on analogous chocolate the cacao butter is replaced with hydrogen vegetable oils. When you taste a real chocolate, it divinely melts in our mouth.
Up next, I will give you some simple tips to choose a good quality chocolate bar:
A good chocolate has few ingredients, always read the labels. If you are looking for a dark chocolate, make sure it has cacao paste, and if you wish it has low sugar the best option are the ones with a cacao percentage of 65 or higher.
If you are looking for a milk chocolate, I would recommend one that has a cacao percentage between 30 and 40%.
The Single Origin chocolate is simply marvellous, this chocolate is elaborated with cacao that comes from a single region; Ecuador is a privileged country because we hace the best fine aroma cacao in the world, having 100% ecuadorian cacao chocolate bar is very affordable.
We have to be aware of what the labels SHOULDN’T say as well: if it has vegetable oil, chocolaty, chocolate milk, artificial sweeteners, artificial vanilla extract, food coloring or any other strange word that you don't understand the meaning are the ones you should avoid.
República del Cacao chocolate bars are elaborated under the highest quality standards with cacao butter and premium beans that give you a unique and marvellous flavor; working with such high quality chocolate gives my products a completely different dimension, resulting in fidelity, acceptance and value from my customers.