The sun came out -Together for Peru

República del Cacao is also Peru, its aromas, its tropical forests, its rivers and mountain region. It has unmistakable flavors; some are fruity, other acidic or nutty; all of these essences in their own particular way allow us to develop the most sublime creations for our users palate. None of this would be possible without the extraordinary work of farmers, producers and associations that work their lands with passion, taking care of the process of cacao production.

Unfortunately in 2017, the presence of the phenomenon of El Niño brought intense rains to Piura and Tumbes where several of the communities with which we work lost 30% of their harvest due to deficiencies in drying quality. In República del Cacao, we consider our communities as allies by sharing value throughout their activities. This is why we joined forces with the UN Global Compact Network, the Norandino Agrarian Cooperative and Progreso NGO, supporting the solidarity campaign "after the storm comes the sun".


One of the new dryers created with the community - Photo: Norandino

The campaign aimed to support the construction and advice on the improvement of sliding trays, which are essential tools for cacao drying. To this day, the donations received allowed the construction of several modern and easy-to-use cacao driers. In average the dryers will allow 2000kg of cacao per week, directly benefiting 40 families that produce cacao and indirectly 300 other related families.

Our Peruvian cacao wouldn’t have the same flavor without your help and our partners help.

Thank you for making this project a reality.