The story of "Latin America's Best Pastry Chef 2018" Jesús Escalera

The Beginning

When I started I hated the bakery, I had in my mind the head that the pastry was something exact and that overwhelmed me, until I did working practices. The first day I arrived, the chef asked me, what do you prefer sweet or salty? I got so nervous that I said sweet.

How he fell in love with the bakery

When you discover that in a dessert you can use vegetables or ingredients from the salty world, a very large field opens up.
The vanilla flower is a very symbolic dessert, you can say "tremendous combination, vanilla, whiskey, black olive and caramel", but it is because we have no references, after trying it people say "I could not have Imagined the taste of this combination".

How he creates flavors

For example the version of a forest in a dessert, can have eucalyptus, pine, we can create landscapes for example of cocoa, agave, and then with the technique we can apply the textures.

The Forest

The Latin American pastry

I think that from now on there will be a great sweet revolution, I say, the pastry shop without Latin America, it does not have vanilla, chocolate, fruit. I think it is time for Latin America to put the flag high and say here are the most recognized pastry chefs of the world. Where we want to focus more is what I told you, make sweet culture and training.

How he feels with this recognition

I've been in the sweet world for almost 14 years, since I started, since I was a teenager and I always saw this gala, the world cup, the one in Latin America and it was won by people I admire, and winning it this year, Well the truth, I have no words, it is very beautiful.