Pastry: a universe of colors and flavors by Ariel Mill

Ariel Mill describes himself like an apprentice that plays, learns, discovers and is passionate about what he does. As Pastry Chef of Villanos en Bermudas, he has captivated a wide audience with his artistic, modest and transparent pastry techniques. "Cooking with the heart makes the difference".

Something essential in his kitchen is the detail and love with which he cooks. "Each product has to be respected in order to make it shine, in my working table, being positive is a fundamental part".

Innovate to create

In Villanos en Bermudas, the menu is in constant renovation. "Clients look for quality but also they want to be surprised and live an experience", this is why Ariel recommends to stay creative looking for inspiration in the world that surrounds us.

"As inspiration I like to walk, and look around. The world gives us references where the bakery can find the inspiration in different areas for example architecture, design, art, and most of all color. Also, the work environment in Villanos and colleagues help a lot"

"When people ask me about chocolate, I sometimes think it's cheating, it's so noble that it fits well with almost all flavors. Knowing how to use the right amount will always give us a good result"

Ariel in a few words

An essential ingredient: Love, cooking with the heart, it makes the difference.

A spice: vanilla, is the "super friend" of everyone.

A scent: the earthy aroma after the rain, always brings me well-being.

A drink: tea, each cup is a story.

A culinary memory: to see my father eat wine nougat, his face was completely honest, he changed his mood, it gave him the opportunity to be together with his sister.

A dessert for every day: Berlin with pastry cream

Your favorite creation: Every week I fall in love with a new one.

A motto: Every day is an opportunity to be better human and professional.

Ariel in one word: Passion.

This marvelous creation of Ariel Mill, combines the intense flavor of blackberries with our Amazonía 75% chocolate, which he considers to be a chocolate with an immense opportunity of use in creamy mousses, where you can highlight its sweet almond notes, earthy and woody flavors.