Sustainability Tendencies, with Magdalena Crespo

Continuing with our IG LIVE series related to topics around sustainability and the chocolate industry, the last Friday September 11, our Communication and Sustainable Business Manager, Magdalena Crespo interviewed the General Coordinator of the Epicentre Foundation, Carla Rizzo about “The Benefits of Urban Agriculture in Gastronomy.”

Immersing ourselves into the “chef’s garden”, the main topic of this digital conversation was the importance of a healthy food, that closes cycles. This is how urban agriculture is a development opportunity for gastronomy, where consumers turn into their own producers, by cultivating their own food in a sustainable way, consuming them, and finally compost them. It is only here where the responsible cycle it’s closed, through the production of our own healthy food that we can taste in salty and sweet cook.

Urban agriculture not only generates health and nutrition benefits for all of us as consumers, but also creates a positive impact on an environmental and social level, and we can all be part of this change. Urban gardens at home are a first step as individual consumers, but it is also important to consider the big change this can mean for chefs, restaurants, and gastronomic entrepreneurships.

Carla Rizzo shares her opinion with us about it, “in my opinion, all the restaurants and chefs should acquire these compost and urban garden practices. This will give a very high added value to their products, since they are taking care of the environment right from their kitchens. A restaurant or gastronomic product that has friendly practices with the environment and closes cycles it’s a 100% sustainable product or service.”

If you wish to learn how to develop your own urban garden or compost bin, the Epicentre Foundation can be your guide during this process. It’s principal objective is to motivate clients and consumers to “close their cycles”, They do this through knowledge exchange in everything that is related to compost and make us responsible of our own waste. On this way, these new conscious consumers can nourish their land through a proper management of their organic waste, and at the same time cultivate their own products that they will then use on their recipes.

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  Alejandra Ortega, Communication and Sustainable Business Assistant