We are proudly a "Great Place to Work"

For the República del Cacao its people are a priority; each of the people who make up this great team is considered and treated equally. That is why over time we have established practices that allow us to generate well-being for each member of the company.

Our company is characterized by allowing each person to express their ideas which are heard and considered, we do not have a pyramid structure which facilitates communication and learning. In our corporate culture, values ​​such as integrity, trust, respect and a high sense of vision for sustainable development are very well founded, which are the basis for achieving the goals that we set on a personal level and as an organization.

Over time and thanks to the contribution of each member we have become a large family feeling very proud of what we do and how we do it. Every day is an adventure since there is always something new to undertake and move forward always working as a great team.

We seek to be a company that transmits a story behind each of the products we offer to our customers, creating a unique identity and highlighting their origin with the assurance that they will be ambassadors for our country.

We are happy that each of our collaborators consider República del Cacao as a Great Place to Work, we are committed to continue working with the energy that characterizes us, to maintain the well-being of each of the members of this great family.

  Sandra Mendoza, Financial & Administrative Manager