Republica del Cacaco supported the #MingaporQuito

On Sunday October 20th we were able to show how a united community can make big changes together.

#MingaporQuito was formed thanks to the initiative of several citizens in search of the rescue of citizen heritage. Its objective was to promote peace and clean up the affected sectors during the protests in the capital of Ecuador, Quito which lasted 11 days. Citizens, social organizations and private companies, joined to support the initiative which resulted in a successful day in our Historic Center.

This Sunday was a family day, filled with music, hugs, solidarity and collaboration which began at 07h00 where private companies donated brooms, garbage bags, gloves, buckets, rollers and shovels to more than 1500 citizens committed to the cause.

The #MingaporQuito movement said "Adults and children join together with laughter, music, typical food and good will to live a day of peace and union, which is what characterizes us as Quito."

This clean up was carried out in the Historic Center streets adjacent to the Plaza del Teatro and cleaned up the following streets: García Moreno, Venezuela, Galapagos, Vargas, Manabí, Oriente, Guayaquil and Esmeraldas; leaving them free of graffiti and with a renewed energy. 

For Republica del Cacao, working as a family for the city of Quito, taking care of our heritage and our future was something historical. We believe that it is each of the citizens who have the power to choose the type of city in which they want to live in.

We thank the organizations and promoting citizens.

Viva la Paz y viva Quito!