República del Cacao presents its 2nd United Nations Global Compact Report

We are pleased to present for the second consecutive year the United Nations Global Compact report, where we stablish our strategic vision framed in the 4 principles of the United Nations: human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Within this report we present the projects and alliances that we have generated together with several actors of the cocoa and chocolate chain to promote an inclusive, differentiated and competitive development in the countries where we work. In República del Cacao, it is our purpose to manage projects that guarantee a triple impact approach (social, environmental and economic) within our value chain. In this way, we not only guarantee quality chocolate and with high traceability, but also promote sustainable development.

This report has become an interesting exercise in business accounting detailing the socio-environmental work that we develop and practice inside and outside our organization. It is also an opportunity to communicate with our stakeholders and is a tool for strategic decision making in the company, based on the management and impact data of our entire value chain.


 Read our full report here!