República del Cacao will be a keynote spearker at the FCCI event "The Chocolate Conservatory"

The Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute will present The Chocolate Conservatory - Paris, a singular event for the specialty cacao-chocolate community to engage in deep discussion on pressing issues and collaborative workshopping of shared challenges. Founded in 2018, The Chocolate Conservatory gathers together engaged industry professionals to work closely with a diverse and talented group of creative actors from specialty food and academia, providing an opportunity for constructive dialogue.

For two days, Conservatory attendees experience the intensity - and challenge - of understanding the present state of the industry and co-designing its future. The program is complemented by sensory experiences designed to educate and inspire as new ideas and future collaborations emerge.

The specialty cacao-chocolate industry has been heavily focused on taste - quality of flavor and the ability to discern quality - as a vehicle of market differentiation. At the same time, many of the marketing tools of specialty chocolate rely on linking good taste to social and economic goodness. The links among these elements remain blurry, are not yet clearly defined by specialty cacao or chocolate producers, and often rely on interpretations of work from related but different industries. We aim to hold a thoughtful conversation on what this means for the future of chocolate.

To critically examine the responsibility of taste, this event touched base in the following questions:

  • Are taste and sustainability linked?
  • Is good taste a luxury or a right?
  • Can bad taste be luxurious?
  • How can we best acknowledge the labor that underpins the production of high quality goods?
  • When we reward good taste, who or what do we punish?
  • How can we communicate the significance of quality and ethics in a sector that has long neglected both?

Within this approach our B2B CEO Arnaud Monmarché will focus on "The Business of Responsibility" as keynote speaker in the event on monday october 28th.

República del Cacao creates the most authentic Latin American chocolate hand-in-hand with local communities, developing sustainable fine cacao production at its source while protecting and supporting one of the most important agricultural treasures in the world: Fine Aroma Cacao.

we focus on creating direct alliance with farmers, eliminating intermediaries and keeping added value locally. This unique model allows our consumers to know where our products come from. We are a community that has managed to bring together small producers of fine cacao, suppliers, chefs, entrepreneurs and consumers under an inclusive model based on knowledge exchange and common values.

See you soon!