Pastry stays together: the masterful “Pastry” conferences become digital in order to strengthen the sweet industry

The current Global Crisis is inviting us to reinvent ourselves, we have to look for new forms of connecting and developing. Pastry and chocolate are not the exception, with a growing market of professionals and an important positioning in Latin America. After 3 years of successful pastry conferences in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico, today Pastry becomes digital and presents its new format: Pastry-Connection. The event is developed by República del Cacao, Sosa and Valrhona as company leaders in the professional sector of gourmet confectionery. The objective of this digital encounters is to deepen the knowledge about innovation in gastronomy, through different masterful conferences imparted by chefs internationally renowned.

Pastry Connection is a unique event on its category. It is set to be a point of encounter and connection between culinary professionals, pastry chefs, chocolate chefs, and amateurs from all over the world, united together in order to learn about current trends, experiences, and the future vision of the pastry world.

The conferences will take place on the digital platform of @pastryconnection on Facebook during three consecutive weekends: from April 23 to April 26, from April 30 to May 3, and from May 7 to May 9. A total of fourteen chefs internationally renowned will participate on the conferences. Every conference will be led by two chefs who will share, during 45 minutes, their knowledge about different topics related to the industry. These conferences are open to the public in general with a previous registration.  



The conferences continue on this weekend with the following topics:

Thursday May 07 10H EC / 12H ARG /17H ES: Carles Mampel and Gustavo Nari will present “Ingredients and Applications”, followed by Damián Betular and Javier Guillén with “Latinamerican and European Pastry” at 11H30 EC / 13H30 ARG / 18H30 ES. Finally, Andrea López and Francisco Broccolo will present "Development of New Products. Tips to keep in mind", at 13H00 EC / 15H00 ARG / 20H00 ES.

Friday May 08 10H ECU / 12H ARG / 17H ES: Saray Ruis and Sandra Ornelas will present “Chocolate: Ingredient and Material”, followed by Luis Robledo and Nati Toledo who will present: “The New Normal” at 11H30 EC / 13H30 ARG / 18H30 ES.

Saturday May 09 10H ECU / 12H ARG / 17H ES: Enric Rovira and Miquel Guarro will present “Encounter of Two Visionaries”, followed by Antonio Bachour and Carles Mampel presenting “Formation in the World. Key to Learning” at 11H30 EC / 13H30 ARG / 18H30 ES. Finally, the CEOs from República del Cacao, Arnaud Monmarché, Valrhona, Clementine Azial and Sosa, Quico Sosa will talk about "Brand Adaptation to the Current Situation", at 12H30 EC / 14H30 ARG / 19H30 ES. 

At República del Cacao we believe it is fundamental to develop spaces where the exchange of knowledge is encouraged, in order to strengthen the chocolate chain on an integral and transversal way. Our objective is to position the vanguard gastronomy through the work with fine chocolate and exploring local ingredients that will enhance regional tastes.


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