República del Cacao’s unique White Chocolate Ecuador 31% is carefully crafted in  our factory in  Quito, by chocolate making experts using the finest raw materials from Latin America.

Many will not consider  white chocolate to be “real chocolate”, when in fact it is made of cacao butter, milk, and sugar.

República del Cacao believes that what is most important about making premium chocolate, is combining a  refined process with quality ingredients . This is  is why, República del Cacao’s White Chocolate Ecuador 31% uses only the best, locally sourced, raw materials to deliver an outstanding product.  

Our cacao butter comes from Fino de Aroma  beans sourced from the Ecuadorian coast.The sugar comes from cane grown on the coastal plains near the Pacific Ocean. And our precious milk is collected from a small farming community in  Turucucho, tucked away in the foothills of the Cayambe Volcano. This milk is what offers the  natural sweetness and great fresh cream taste  ties our chocolate together  

Learn how the dairy farmers of Turucucho process the milk, milking their cows manually twice a day which is then taken to the collection center.  

We also believe that “real” white chocolate exists thanks to a specific expertise and know-how, just like the one we have at República del Cacao. In our Quito factory, we take great care when assembling thefresh and natural raw materials. Our engineers carefully combine all the ingredients together   with their special expertise and  secret touch, and let it blend in a machine for several hours. 

Most importantly,  the goal in the making of, is to eliminate any undesirable acidity and to obtain a very creamy and  slightly salty flavor. This phase also gives the white chocolate its consistency and fluidity.

After the conching phase, liquid chocolate needs to be turn into a solid. That is where we temper the chocolate by cycles, heating it up and cooling it down to make sure it is stable, shiny and has a good snap. Finally, we mold it into chocolate drops or bars, which then gets manually packed to be shipped all around the world! Grown Locally, Enjoyed Globally!