How do we produce the milk for our white chocolate?

The milk from our White Chocolate Ecuador 31% is produced by a small farming community located on the foothills of the Cayambe Volcano near Quito. This milk has a natural sweet and creamy taste.

The valley from where República del Cacao sources its milk is located at the foot of the 19,000 ft high Cayambe Volcano and lies between high mountains and green pastures, thus enjoying a unique micro climate, with cloudless sky, fresh air and the imposing Cayambe towering above.

We work with a small farming community, which includes a little more than 50 farms and about 500 cows. Here, the cows range freely over organic pasture all year, free from hormones and antibiotics.

Milking is done by hand twice a day and all year round . This sustainable milk is then taken to a small collection center down the valley, on foot or horseback. This valley is a hidden Andean paradise.

After the required quality checks have been made, each batch is clearly identified and loaded on a truck to be shipped to Quito.

Upon arrival at the dairy factory and after further quality tests, our wholesome milk quickly goes through a process of pasteurization and drying in order to add its goodness to República del Cacao’s White Chocolate Ecuador 31%

Join us on a voyage to this magical place called Turucucho, the birthplace of República del Cacao White Chocolate Ecuador 31%.