Agricultural Field Schools for knowledge exchange with our ally cacao farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon

With the purpose of producing a world-renowned fine cacao chocolate, República del Cacao works together with its ally communities in socio-environmental impact projects throughout all its value chain.

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, Joya de los Sachas, we have developed Agricultural Field Schools which involve experiential active teaching that takes theory to the field: directly to practice, promoting methodology of learning-doing experiences.

One of the modules integrates our field-to-city knowledge exchange program in which our R&D and Quality collaborators had the opportunity to teach our ally farmers about quality control in the production chain and the importance of attaining the established requirements. For Marisela Perugachi, Quality Responsible “Exchanging this information is crucial to have raw materials with an excellent aromatic profile, allowing our allied cocoa community to develop and offer products with an added value.”

For Carla Estevez, R&D Resposible: it is important to strengthen relationships with our allied farmers and understand their needs and vision in the cacao production. It is a win-win situation: good relations make good chocolate”

In República del Cacao, it is our purpose to generate relationships with our ally communities from where we obtain our raw material, co-developing management models that guarantee triple impact (social, environmental and economic) in our value chain. In this way, we guarantee quality in our chocolate production, traceability, and also promote sustainable development.

Marisela Perugachi, Quality and Safety Manager
Carla Estévez, Research and Development Manager
Marisol Choez, Field Technician Sacha, República del Cacao