Events with Impact, Chocoa celebrates its IX edition from February 24 to 26 on Digital Format

Chocoa 2021”, one of the most important events of the cacao chain in Europe, will be the perfect place for Ecuadorian producers and exporters to expose the benefits of this product in the context of the 9th edition of the “Amsterdam Sustainable Conference”. This event will emphasize sustainability and the importance of practicing fair trade and an environmentally responsible commerce.  

During this year, due to COVID19, the conference will be held digitally from February 24 to 26, 2021. The headquarters are located in the city of Amsterdam, one of the most important ports in Europe that receive Ecuadorian cacao.  
Ecuador will be part if this event with the participation of the following companies: Guangala, Hacienda La Victoria, Martinetti Cacao, República del Cacao, Eco-Kakao, and Valencorp Kuntucao, promoting the sustainable origin of cacao, especially in the responsible practices that are conducted for the protection of human rights, environmental commitment and childhood protection, through the eradication of child labor.  

República del Cacao will be present on the “Craft Chocolate Sustainability Impact” forum, with the participation of our Sustainable Business and Communication Manager, Magdalena Crespo. The forum will discuss topics such as the sustainability values we develop and the impact of the B Corp certification on our processes. This presentation will take place on February 24 at 9:30 AM (EST); meanwhile on the “Late Night Show at Noon” forum, Anecacao’s representative will talk about the cadmium situation with Ecuadorian cacao.  

The Ecuadorian presence in the conference will include the participation of two renowned Ecuadorian chefs, Quique Sempere, Chef and Owner of "Pacha" restaurant Cuisine with Identity and Andrea López, our Corporate Chef, who will share their experiences with the use of such a versatile product as chocolate, which can be combined with salt and sweet flavors, showing the world that Ecuador is not only a country that has the best sustainable origin cacao in the world, but also that it is a pioneer in innovation and gastronomy. Moreover, we will count with the participation of Sebastián Navas, Culinary Arts Coordinator at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), who will share his expertise about the origin of cacao and the various profiles of Ecuadorian regions, as well as the use of local ingredients.  

This international conference is a good opportunity for the promotion of Ecuadorian cacao, whose producers are amplifying their commercial borders further every time, generating income and employment for the country. If you want to be part of Chocoa 2021, an event that will gather sustainability, the cacao industry, and chocolate in a single platform that will revolutionize our way of thinking about digital events and develop great ideas and alliances between key players of the industry, you can register on the following link: