EPGB Pastry and Bakery Master in México

The EPGB Pastry and Bakery Master (Barcelona’s School for pastry) is a professional experience that every pastry chef and chocolatier should experience at least once in their life. It gives the opportunity to learn directly from excellent professionals in the industry. 

Oliver Fernández, head master of the EPGB shared with us his thoughts about having EPGB in México: “The fact of coming to Mexico every year gives us the opportunity to adapt our way of working, we integrate new ingredients, new techniques that helps us evolve." He also highlighted how teaching classes in Mexico influence their teachers' work: "Saraí’s artistic pieces have mexican details or Alberto’s work integrates mexican ingredients and this is what makes us grow professionaly in a espectacular way. Besides, Mexico has something different and it makes us feel like home.” 

República del Cacao sponsors this Master considering it is important to enhance and deepen techniques on pastry worldwide developing knowledge exchange between different professionals. Olivier mentioned that República del Cacao has made him forget they are not home: "The chocolate has the same excellent quality of the products we have in Barcelona. Without República del Cacao, I really don't know if we could excel in this type of courses, it makes us feel confortable".

Saraí Ruiz, one of the main speakers of the Master, mentioned how our product has been developed with professional technical orientation having a very high quality and tasting level. "Personally my favorite chocolate is the 40% milk, there is also nice range of dark chocolate, very interesting flavors..."

In a blink of an eye, our 2018 Master came to an end. We started from the history and roots of chocolate, passing through its elaboration process on an artisanal and industrial level, going through techniques in bonbon creations, bakery and artistic masterpieces. Between techniques, ingredients, textures, and of course one of the best chocolates, we finish one of the most integrative formative experiences in chocolate held in Latin America. 

Thank you for participating!

Natividad Toledo, Chef Partner,República del Cacao