Learnings from Pastry Connection: "Technological Ingredients and Technical Applications" with Josep María Rodríguez and Guillermo Corral

There is no doubt that the constant evolution of modern pastry is manifested in two fundamental aspects: technique and ingredients. Considering that a lot of basic recipes have not changed during centuries, this evolutional jump of modern pastry is very outstanding. Only on a few decades we have seen the development of new techniques that, alongside with the rapidly mutant gastronomy trends, have transformed the pastry scene around the world.

On these trends we can find the reduction or complete elimination of refined sugars, the ever-growing consumption of gluten-free products, products with no dairy ingredients and veganism. The new technological ingredients allow us with in a certain way to cover the needs of the current market, achieving unique textures and tastes. Technology had never been at the service of pastry as it is now, and for us, the pastry chefs, this is a very big moment for dares, adaptations, renovations, changes, and creativity.

On reference to ingredients, more than new discoveries we are rather being witnesses of how globalization and culinary research have amplified their selection process. What seems like an exotic ingredient for some, it’s actually a historical ingredient for others. A lot of chefs don’t know it, since the classes of culinary history and its evolution are not that frequent in the leader gastronomy universities. However, we don’t always need to know about the origin of an ingredient in order to give it a new sense and honor it with unique creations.

Both speakers made emphasis in the relationship between what is modern and what is classic. Josep María explores a wide combination of new techniques and flavors, always respecting the basis of pastry. His work it’s a constant mix between modern and classic, between new trends towards what is natural, and the exploration of technological ingredients that allow to cover the changing needs of the contemporary market.


On his side, Guillermo referred to the aspects of flavors, textures, and health opportunities (less sugar, less fat), that the technological ingredients give. There is no doubt that Sosa, with half a century of experience it’s one of the world leaders in quality ingredients, that allow the development of a new kind pf pastry, healthier and more creative.


  Yuny Legorburo, Chef and Founder of Ruta de la Seda Coffee Shop