Seeing the title of this conference, “meeting of two visionaries”, I can emphasize the work, professionalism and perseverance of these two pastry chefs, Enric Rovira and Miquel Guarro, that with time have turned into international pastry referents.

Enric Rovira is characterized by his way of innovating through time, he always looks for surprising his customers, and catch their attention with versatile products like chocolate; trying time after time, making mistakes, but also right choices in order to get the perfect final result, as in every time we see a product developed from his workshop. One if his big masterpieces, at a personal level it’s: “Técnica Fusiones”, “it is not made with a mold, and depends a lot on natural factors, the time of the year, the sun’s position,” he tells us. “Many times, I ask myself, what mold would he use this time? Or, will he use a hairdryer?”, his conference partner, chef Miquel Guarro, tells us. He deserves all the recognition for that creation, it was not made in a day or a week, it took time, dedication, perseverance and effort.

Referring to Miquel Guarro, I can highlight that in his short age he has had a vast experience with chocolate and pastry. For example, he won the prize for Best Chocolate Maker in Spain on 2013, thanks to which he is an outstanding pastry chef on this country. He is a example to follow thanks to his perseverance, his work, and every one of the details he develops at the moment of creating his products, which every time you see them are perfect, and this motivates the rest of us to perform an excellent work too.

One of the many positive things these two pastry chefs have is how they use their social media. On one side, Instagram, where they post about their new products, teaching us through these images how to obtain perfection in pastry. Is this way, they are a great source of inspiration for us too.  

I, as a pastry chef, look a them as referents for following a road centered in a more empowered and solid pastry, in order to perfection our techniques and procedures, and on this way grow to obtain a high technical and professional level as these two chefs did.

I thank the Pastry Connection initiative was developed on these difficult times we are facing at a global level. It let us continue learning from what we are passionate about, through conferences like this one, with two great pastry and chocolate chefs.


Víctor Martínez Padilla, Pastry Chef for the Marriott Hotel