Official Notice: República del Cacao

Quito, March 26, 2020

In crisis situations, as the one our country and the whole world are currently facing, we want to thank all the people that continue with their daily responsibilities, working together in order to overcome this sanitary emergency with motivation, optimism, and responsibility. As a corporation, we are committed to support the safety measures implemented locally and internationally, with the objective of reassuring the wellbeing of society and continue with our operations, from which various people depend on for progressing and living. Because of this, we have implemented the following actions in our value chain:

  • Communication and implementation of security and quality protocols in our industrial factory and on our collection centers.
  • Our collaborators that don’t need to be physically present in our factory to do their work, have been instructed to continue working through home office. What is more, they count with access to information about how to minimize their risk of infection at their work, as well as in their houses. Also, we conduct a daily online monitoring of the health state of our collaborators and their families.

In República del Cacao our main objective is to change the world one cacao bean at a time, because of this, our purpose is to develop projects that will guarantee a triple impact (social, environmental and economic), on our value chain. In this way, we not only guarantee a high-quality chocolate with high traceability, but also a chocolate that will promote sustainable development. For this reason, we reassure our commitment towards the current situation of the country and the world, staying updated with the latest information, in order to respond in the best way.

Changing the current situation depends on each and everyone of us. We are sure that with effort, patience and responsibility we will get through this together. 


República del Cacao