Chocoholic of the Month: Evan Millar

As part of our 'Notes from Latin America', we are featuring the people who make up the La República family. In this interview, we speak to Evan Millar - our Key Accounts Sales Manager. 
I am the PROUD Key Accounts Sales Manager for República del Cacao. I manage the region from Chicago to the Hawaiian Islands. I am honored to be one of the pioneers of this beautiful brand and help with the launch in the United States. When I think about República del Cacao one word comes to mind and that is "AUTHENTIC". I have lived and witnessed the story of this brand including visiting some of our beautiful cacao farms, milk and sugar farms. República del Cacao is about culture and producing the best cacao while supporting our partners in Latin America. República del Cacao gives me a sense of pride and confidence when visiting clients and selling the brand. I would like to thank our team in Quito, Thomas Mayot, Eric Case and Gabriela Lopez-Barry for all the support on this Vision Quest. As the slogan goes: Grown Locally and Enjoyed Globally! I’m enjoying the ride around the world! 

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