Chocoholic of the Month: Chef Gustavo Saez

As part of our 'Notes from Latin America', we are featuring the people who make up the La República family. In this interview, we speak to one of our greatest customers - Chef Gustavo Saez - Best Pastry Chef in Latin America 2016. 
"At restaurant 99, we give all the importance to the product that we use. The fruit has to be mature, and the milk must be fresh, and we try to make the best of them, taking care of their essence.
This is the way I work as a Chef. On a larger scale, I feel that República del Cacao does the same. From the cacao bean to the chocolate drop, the ingredients are at the center of everything, they are processed with very much care and control, preserving their essence.
At restaurant 99, we try to do everything by hand, and know the origin of our ingredients. It is not only a question of being self-sufficient, but it also gives each one of our desserts its own identity.
República del Cacao is the same. The range is small but very marked, each chocolate has traceable ingredients and a well-defined aromatic identity. In short, I find in República del Cacao a philosophy that is mine, that resonates with me
My favorite product of the range is dark chocolate Peru 62%. I should not say this after my trip to Ecuador! But the identity of this product, with its acidity and its pronounced taste, suits me perfectly to make desserts, like crémeux, mousses or ice cream."