Local economy it’s suffering a huge impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These circumstances have made enterprises, producers, restaurants and more reinvent their businesses with the objective of continuing producing. On this matter, we can’t forget about our main providers, the field, and its processes that sustain all of us.
It is important to keep developing transparent relationships and mutual support through all over the value chain.

On this context, we have created the platform, through which we look for developing these ties between the field and the final consumer, on a value chain where every influence group feels part of a same community. The platform has already gathered various restaurants, coffee shops, chocolate shops, and local businesses that people can now access to through it, in order to get to know their delivery offers and promote local gastronomy.

On this same initiative, we wanted to include the field, our farmers that make the production of our chocolate possible. This is how CHEF TO FARM is born, a project that consists of an exchange with added value between the person who created the raw ingredients to produce our products, and the Chefs that transform them, both connected through chocolate. The purpose of this initiative is to give a thank you back to the field, for their hard work through the transformation, creativity and emotion of chocolate.  

Eleven allied chefs that participate on our platform Somoscomunidadec, have joint the CHEF TO FARM initiative: Chef Milena Diaz, Chef Quique Sempere, Chef Serena Larrea, Chef Andrea López, Chef Juan Sebastian Pérez, Chef Jorge Guadalupe, Chef Cyril Prudhomme, Chef Santiago Cueva, Chocolatier Silvia Guédez, Chef David Silva and our ally the Chef Communicator Juan Carlos Castillo.

Every chef received on their homes packages that contained chocolate, nibs, and nuts – in alliance with García Reinoso –. Every package contained the information of the farmer that gave the cacao or the milk for the production of that chocolate, on this way the chefs were able to know to whom their presents will be directed to. Due to this, we also motivated them to send hopeful messages to every farmer for whom they created their desserts. With all these implements, we motivated each chef to use their creativity freely and develop different creations. These creations went from chocolate bars to confectionery, cakes and cookies.

These presents will be given to a total of 100 farmers from our Collection Centers in Vinces and Turucucho, that will be benefited directly and indirectly.

These times have made is compensate the lack of human touch with more smiles, more hope and more community. The world is adapting itself to a new reality and we don’t have to forget that each part of the value chain supports our economy, so it will continue developing. The field has always been our main support, and we have to give them back that effort now more than ever. Together always for our community, we know that better days will come.