Serena Larrea: A legacy of knowledge and flavors.

The pastry for Chef Serena Larrea, owner of a pastry shop, is like a sweet memories trunk that save with love the place where origin her passion for the culinary world and today is the inspiration for her creations.

“My inspiration comes from a ranch, where I growed up , a place that save good memories about my childhood, my grandparents and the work and effort of my family, that had keep our culinary customs for generations”

The green stage where she grew up motivates her to use natural and fresh ingredients. "Living my childhood in the countryside was a blessing, it make me to value the ingredients origin and the hard work to obtain them"

Serena can move lovely stages to her creations, her desserts are known for her personal touch of elegance and simplicity, like this exquisite representation made with the exotic flavor of the berries and mortiño, the sour taste of the natural yogurt and the woody notes of our Dark Chocolate Ecuador Amazonia 75%.

In the Chef’tips, she recommends mix our Dark Chocolate Ecuador Amazonia 75% with products grown in the region to create a dessert full aromas, textures and colors.