Caribbean Notes have Arrived to República del Cacao

In República del Cacao we create the most authentic Latin American chocolate from plantations in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. We look to obtain 100% Latin American products with high traceability, hand in hand with our allied communities, and at the same time respect traditional processes. Because if this, as a way of expanding our unique flavors and maintaining a constant sustainable development, we have now arrived to the Caribbean in the country of the Dominican Republic.

The tropical climate, environmental conditions, and quality of the soil of this country, grants the cacao pod, known as “Hispaniola”, with unique qualities. This pod is distinguished by its excellent fermentation process and the high quality of its harvest, thanks to which, it has gained international acknowledgement and positioned itself as a product with great importance for its country.  

All these characteristics have made it possible for us to develop our new chocolates, República Dominicana 62% and República Dominicana 100%. When trying this chocolate, you will first taste acidic flavor notes and a characteristic sourness that is fruity, then you will strongly feel the flavor of ripe fruits and black fruits, and finally a strong taste of raw cacao, light astringency, and subtle notes of spices.

We have been characterized by our Andean origins from countries like Ecuador and Peru, which is why the Dominican Republic has caught our attention as an opportunity to discover new flavors. We want to promote even more opportunities to create new fine cacao recipes with the incomparable taste of the Caribbean in your creations. It’s time for you to try the Notes of the Caribbean and immerse yourself in a mix of new and unique flavors, with a profile oriented to our expansion and to expand your mind.