Avant-garde Pastry a different and vibrant alternative by Carolina Molea

Chef Carolina Molea defines herself as a woman who likes to take risks and break down paradigms, this translates it into her art: pastry.

She offers a different alternative with vegan patisserie. "Before vegan was translated as something boring and monotonous I have the objective to provide an avant-garde pastry that can delight all audiences" she says.

Innovation is an essential part of her work, the creation of new desserts, the combination of flavors and the inspiration that comes from her experience in different places, are always present in her creations.

"My personal touch is what makes me unique. My chocolates have something that reminds me of my childhood. I am Venezuelan, I carry chocolate in my blood, the cacao of my land is famous for its quality. Chocolate is the product of the hard work of men and women, who day after day deliver the best of themselves, chefs should render tribute to their efforts through their creations”.

This creation is made with our Amazonia 75%  chocolate, which she describes as unique and surprising to the palate. "It's soft and aromatic, totally addictive," she says.

Our chef recommends its use in confectionery and ganaches, she consider this chocolate is surprisingly very soft  with a great flavor and it can be combined with acidic fruit flavors or with nuts to intensify the chocolate's balanced notes.