1st. Student Pastry and chocolate Cup in Ecuador

One of our goals is to elevate Latin American gastronomy by producing high-end chocolate in its place of origin. For this reason, along with the Franco-Ecuadorian Chamber and the Salon del Chocolate, we have co-organized the 1st. Student Cup of Pastry and Chocolate in Ecuador. This contest seeks to boost the talent of Ecuadorian students in gastronomy through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Prior to the contest we have developed three days of workshops for the participating schools in our República del Cacao Laboratory to develop new skills in our participants prior to the event, as well as connect them with professional chefs and colleagues from the industry. The workshops that were developed for the participants were the following: "Dessert to the Plate" by Chef Santiago Cueva, "Entremets" by Chef Andrea López and "Bombons" by Chef Idaly Farfán.

This is an opportunity for the participating schools to demonstrate their talent and for the gastronomic level of the country to raise through competition. Within the universities and participating schools are:

- Culinary Art School

-University San Francisco de Quito

-University of the Americas

-University International of Ecuador

-UTE University

-Culinary Trainer School

The participating teams will have to make three different dishes centered on a specific theme that represents Ecuador, using our República del Cacao chocolate. Join us this Saturday, June 8 in the Student Cup of Pastry and Chocolate in the Salón del Chocolate at Quorum Paseo San Francisco. Support your favorite team and enjoy conferences, workshops for children and more.

See you there!